I have been suffering with 'flu so have been slow off the mark here. Please join the campaign to stop the proposed megadairy farms in Lincolnshire. It is a travesty of welfare and decency. It is a health risk, to animals and humans. It is an environmental and ecology risk, from pollution by excreta, urine and run-off, affecting waterways, aquifers and ground water. It is diametrically opposing what Britain should be doing, in an 'enlightened age', which is to move to more sustainable and animal-friendly farming.

This is the wholly unacceptable face of factory farming, which has hitherto in the UK only been inflicted on chickens, ducks, turkeys and pigs. We are phasing out battery chickens - so how can we allow this to happen?

Massive dairy farms will impact on cow health and welfare, not least through leg damage, udder damage and stress.

Petition has to be handed in on 11th January

Sign up here (before MONDAY!):


Best wishes to all who join this campaign.

Why not visit www.alternativevet.org, while you're here?