It has been my good fortune to come across a young lady (Elizabeth Hamilton-Ross) with a formidable talent for drawing animals. I am the joyful owner of a picture of our dog 'Winner', which I proudly place here for the reader's delectation (see 'attachments'). The likeness to and the embodied 'spirit' of the dog are amazing.

In this case, Lizzi took the photograph herself and worked from it. I believe she can also work from clients' photographs. Clearly, the better the 'life' in the photograph, the better the life in the final product. Winner is now 9 year-old but acts like a puppy, as can be seen from the excitement and animation in her face.

A link to Lizzi's website is:

I had to post this blog out of sheer joy at having received such a special gift commissioned by a close relative for Christmas.